A Model Home Gets a Modern Makeover

As young parents, Dave and Jensy found the perfect home in a new subdivision in Brookfield. The couple liked the location, the home’s layout, and that there were other kids in the neighborhood for their children to play with. Since the house was the neighborhood’s model home it was just about move-in ready, too. 

“There was no dirt,” laughed Dave. “We had to have our yard hauled in by dump trucks.”

With a yard to call their own, and a sunroom added a few years later, the house was truly a home. 

Thirty years and one outdated floor later

Dave and Jensy’s home renovation all started with the kitchen’s faux red brick linoleum floor. Dave brought up the idea of a new floor and maybe some new countertops to match. 

Jensy wasn’t quite on board. Sure, the wallpapered walls and oak cabinets were outdated, but everything worked fine. Until it didn’t. 

When the nails started popping up through the linoleum, Jensy agreed it was time for a change. 

Researching renovators

The couple did their homework, beginning with a walk through the Tour of Homes. They noted features they liked in other homes, such as an open flow between rooms and a mix of light and dark finishes. 

One of the homes they toured featured work by Refined Renovations. Dave and Jensy loved how the house looked, and the quality of craftsmanship. They were able to talk with the home owners who told them all about their positive renovation experience.

Through all the research, three companies emerged as frontrunners. Dave and Jensy invited them to take a look at their kitchen and share their ideas. Two of the contractors had ideas to open the kitchen and brighten the space, which seemed doable to the couple.

Then, they met Matthew Jahns from Refined Renovations. He had ideas the other companies didn’t, such as bumping out the corner of their house by two square feet. That would give them a more seamless floorplan. Like the other contractors he had ideas for the countertops. But, he also suggested a backsplash behind the stove as a focal point, not to mention that he chose floor tiles that would accommodate their dog, Cody.

After meeting with Matthew, Dave and Jensy knew Refined Renovation was the right company for the job. “He had ideas that we hadn’t thought of,” Jensy said. “He pushed us out of our comfort zone.” Matthew brought up the idea of a drawer microwave. “Who’d ever heard of that,” Dave wondered. 

Matthew knew it would suit their new kitchen perfectly.

Read part two of this story to find out how Dave and Jensy’s renovation came together.

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