Dave & Jensy’s Big Reveal: Showstopping renovation of 1990s kitchen & living space

After meeting with several contractors, Dave and Jensy chose Refined Renovations for their kitchen remodel. (Read part one of their renovation story.) Matthew Jahns, Refined Renovations founder, offered some interesting ideas and advice that other contractors didn’t. 

Ultimately, the renovation included the two-foot bump out that Matthew initially recommended, and updates to the kitchen and family room, adjacent powder room, laundry room, and hallway. Jensy was expecting to be eating a lot of take out and doing laundry at the laundromat while the work was being completed.

She was pleasantly surprised to find out that Matthew moved their washer, dryer, and stove to the basement so they could continue to do laundry and cook at home. The thoughtful gesture made living with a months-long renovation much easier, according to the couple. 

Chainsaws, cabinets, and lots of choices

To support the new roofline, a 24-foot steel beam was trucked in. The day the beam arrived, Dave came home to find a man on the roof wielding a chainsaw getting ready to cut a hole in his roof. 

It was all on the up and up, if not a little off-putting. After a reassurance from Matthew and a few deep breaths, Dave was fascinated by the process. That’s actually true of the entire renovation process for Dave and Jensy.

“Everyone was so thoughtful,” Jensy said. “The cabinet-maker was an absolute perfectionist.” 

From the cabinet maker choosing the right grout color for the floor, to the gorgeously crafted final piece, every detail was thought through. For instance, the couple wanted speakers in their kitchen. So, the electrician, Nathan, positioned several speakers around the room to create a surround-sound experience while dining.

Dave and Jensy were always part of the decision-making process. But, with so many choices, from hardware and colors, to lighting and finishes, and more, the couple were happy to let Matthew make recommendations and narrow down all the options. 

“Matthew is great at communicating what he thinks would work best in the space. He would bring in five or six choices and let us decide what we liked best,” Jensy explained.

The big reveal

Dave and Jensy were thrilled with the results of the work. Many of the details were suggestions from Matthew such as the china cabinet that is the perfect showcase for Jensy’s gorgeous china collection. The custom piece features substantial, beautiful brass pulls and custom drawers.

The powder room, which pulls together the design, ties in the kitchen’s colors and stunning quartzite countertops. The laundry room is just the right size for the couple, packing a lot of style and function into one small space. The hallway between the garage and kitchen serves as a perfect niche space for stowing shoes, hats, and coats after a long day. 

With the renovation behind them, the couple have been enjoying the home they love even more. Dave particularly likes spending time at his desk off the kitchen catching up on emails while Jensy and Cody the dog enjoy relaxing in the sunroom. 


And as for any chainsaw-related anxiety? Dave and Jensy say it was all worth it.

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