Five Questions to Ask Before Remodeling

We love thoughtful design.

With each and every project, we want to use our know-how, skills, and talents to create something beautiful.

In that spirit, we know that the spring season leads many people to consider an upgrade, a remodel, or a re-thinking of their space to create more function and beauty in their home--and because we love thoughtful design, we’d like everyone to begin their process as thoughtfully as possible.

Meg Minette, our architectural designer, chimes in with 5 Questions To Ask your architect or contractor before you begin the design or renovation process.

1. Schedule:
Will there be momentum from start to finish during the project, or will there be pauses? What instances would make the schedule change?

2. Process:
How will you protect kids, pets, property and air quality during the construction process?

3. Challenges:
What part of the project do you think will be the most challenging?

4. Communication:
How do you prefer to communicate? Who will be the main contacts during the project? Can I contact you after 5p?

5. Warranty:
What is warrantied and how long is it? How do you process warranty claims?

Check out our latest appearance on TMJ4's The Morning Blend for some thoughtful ideas to begin your process--plus, a tour of our Spicy Italian Kitchen Project!

Design is a marvelous mission. Let's make it beautiful.

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