Function Meets Personality with an Industrial Kitchen Renovation

When we first met Tracy, she’d already been living in her condo for over ten years. 

There was nothing wrong with her kitchen when she moved in — in fact, it was only a few years old at the time she purchased it, but it wasn’t anything special. Her kitchen was functional, new-ish and clean, but ultimately it was uninspiring and didn’t reflect her style.

Nothing Wrong, But Still Not Right

Over the years, Tracy made some minor updates and touch-ups around her home in an attempt to capture more of her own style, but she wasn’t sure how to approach updating her kitchen space.  After ten years, her cabinets and a few other features began to show signs of wear, and Tracy felt it was time to create a kitchen that reflected her own tastes. 

Kickstarting the Design Process

Tracy wanted to work with a team who could not only help to bring her own ideas to life, but also offer expert feedback and original suggestions that she wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. 

That’s where we came in. 

After asking around and interviewing a few potential contractors, Tracy was referred to our design team by a friend who had previously worked with Refined Renovations on a remodeling project.  

During our initial conversations, Tracy felt that our design team had a solid understanding of what she wanted — a more modern look, a beautiful backsplash, and different countertops for starters — and  she was confident that we would also bring ideas she hadn't thought of yet. 

Tracy’s work and travel schedule didn’t leave her with many windows of time for visiting stores or reviewing samples, so she trusted our team to streamline the decision-making process by bringing personalized selections for her to choose from.  Our team also scheduled the remodel during a time that would be as minimally-disruptive to her home life as possible.

Using her baseline vision as a starting point, our designers created a unique appraisal to help Tracy envision the hidden potential her space had to offer. In just a few quick months, the planning phase was completed and her long-awaited renovation was officially underway. 

Combining Vision with Innovation

Our design plan took Tracy’s initial ideas and inspirations to heart while incorporating the fresh perspective and innovative approach she had been searching for.  The color scheme was founded on Tracy’s initial vision, and our team reworked the layout to give her more surface space, better workflow, and room for new appliances. 

The sink was strategically relocated to the island in order to accommodate a more spacious layout that included a larger, 6-burner range, new fixtures and cabinetry, and a stunning burnished brass range hood that perfectly complimented her beautiful new backsplash.

We recommended two different countertop finishes — quartz and wood — to give this new space a warm but industrial look.  

Our team also proposed an elegant steel frame island that would reinforce walnut countertops and tie in the industrial elements that were found elsewhere in Tracy’s home.  After seeing our detailed sketches and renderings, Tracy was confident that she would love her new kitchen. She also trusted our team to select unique hardware and lighting that would look and feel natural in her space.  

When her remodel was complete, Tracy was thrilled. She was pleasantly surprised to find the unique industrial elements we’d recommended to be strikingly beautiful and unexpected. She was also delighted by perfectly placed, thoughtful details that ended up making her new kitchen feel like an intentional and cohesive part of her home. 

Her advice to those considering a renovation of their own? Do what it takes to truly enjoy your home and make it feel like yours — no matter how long you’ve already lived in it.


Are you looking to see more of your personal style reflected in your living space?

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