Kitchens with an English Accent

The British are coming—straight into your kitchen.

English design, or what is currently trending as “cottagecore,” is a movement that favors simplicity and the use of humble materials. English design has long been recognized for its functional and minimalist approach. We’ve noticed a shift toward pared down, quiet British kitchen design to bring character and a sense of story into homes.

The mark of English kitchen design is leaving out decorative details that correlate with a specific time period. This timeless and unfussy style uses clean lines, minimal decoration and noble materials like wood and natural stone to add texture. If you want to bring authentic English style into your kitchen, here’s a glimpse of what lead designers are currently creating.

The Focal Point

The range is at the center of an English style kitchen and serves as the definitive focal point for family, guests and cooks to congregate around. In a classic English kitchen, you’d see an AGA range, which is a English brand of cast-iron ranges, usually crowned with a mantel to give it more visual weight. No matter what kind of range you have, the range occupies the best real estate to give it the attention it deserves.

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Open Storage

While it’s a newer trend in the US to have open kitchen shelving, the English have long embraced open shelves for their practicality. English kitchens often pair open shelving with peg rails and vertical planking, which offers subtle details and clean lines to give your shelving distinctive British style. English kitchens use open shelving on their islands as well, which keeps often-used pieces accessible.


Refined Renovations

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deVOL Kitchens


Freestanding Cabinetry

In a classic English country kitchen, a larder was a freestanding cabinet used to preserve food and was usually situated on a north-facing stone wall for shelter from sunlight. Although we have modern refrigeration today, there still is great appreciation in English design for freestanding cabinetry. Today, freestanding cabinets are often used as space for display pieces, coffee stations, pantry storage, or to easily hide away messes behind closed doors.


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The British have an affection for mixing painted cabinetry with high quality oak and walnut to add warmth and natural beauty. Countertops, hardware and faucets follow suit and appear in humble forms, such as honed marble, soapstone, low-lustre wood, and unlacquered brass so they can show their age gracefully. Patina is key to a well-loved, collected over time look in an English kitchen.

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Shaker Cabinetry

The English have a long history of using bespoke cabinetry (cabinetry that is designed specifically for its user) and English style would be incomplete without mentioning the understated beauty of hardwood Shaker cabinetry. Shaker doors have a recessed inset
panel with simple rails and stiles. Drawers are often slab fronts, meaning they have a completely flat profile with no adornment other than the hardware for a clean look.

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There’s a lot to appreciate about this timeless kitchen style. We’d love to help you design and build a English kitchen experience for your home.

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