Why wood is a timeless and modern design choice

Design trends come and go, but something that always has staying power is a beautiful, handcrafted wood piece. Modern homeowners are seeking out ways to incorporate such pieces to create a connection with the past and bring a piece of old world-inspired style into their living spaces.

Handcrafted cabinetry is an excellent way to blend past with present in your kitchen. Wood offers a wide spectrum of tones and textures, which means there’s an option for ultra-sleek modern homes, to traditional spaces, and everything in between. In fact, woodworkers and designers can even blend historic techniques with modern shapes to create fresh new styles.

Style that goes with the grain

Sixteenth century Elizabethan fashionistas caked their faces with white, lead-based makeup. Though styles changed and the practice fell out of favor (not to mention all the lead poisoning), the substance was eventually rediscovered by cabinet makers who used lead to create a decorative technique known as “cérused” or “limed” wood. Rubbing the white-colored lead into the wood pieces highlighted the grain’s lines.

These days, the lead is fortunately long gone but the beauty of cérused wood is very much back in fashion. Woodworkers use non-toxic waxes to achieve the effect and enhance the natural shapes and patterns of the woodgrain.

Mix, match, & make it your own

If the idea of wood pieces in the kitchen has sent you into a wood-paneled panic, don’t worry. Today’s designers are all about layering different complementary textures, colors, and shapes into a room to create a cohesive, beautiful look. And, since wood mixes well with a variety of colors and metals, your kitchen can be anything but conventional.

The designers and craftspeople at Refined Renovations are experts at creating the right look to match your home and personality. Whether you’re looking to revamp an outdated layout, or refresh a contemporary look, our team will help you bring the timeless style of handcrafted wood pieces to your kitchen.

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