We’ve all seen homes like this one: glossy orange woodwork, dark and heavy rooms, and a layout that does more harm than good. Entire forests had given their life for this home, but the design wasn’t doing any  favors. This sprawling custom home was built in 1984 and hadn’t been touched since.

The owners hired us to give their home the long-overdue upgrade it deserved, transforming their kitchen, dinette, foyer floor, powder room, and master bedroom.

“Their team has taken our ideas and helped us create something better than we could have ever imagined. Refined Renovations has redone our kitchen, master bath, guest bath, living room, entryway and dining room. We are looking forward to beginning work on our lower level next year with them!”


Early in the process, our clients became smitten with a steely-blue-to-dark-gray quartzite countertop option called Fusion. We used this as the inspiration to develop a cohesive palette of colors and finishes that unified the entire house while still allowing each individual space to feel unique.

For the kitchen—whose layout was confusing and not conducive to large family gatherings nor quiet dinners for two—our team developed a new design that worked within the room’s original footprint, but introduced an intuitive traffic flow and more natural placement of professional appliances.

The most 1984 of all the rooms was the master bathroom, with its angular walls, built in tub and severely cramped quarters. Our refined renovation included crisp white cabinets softened by Super White quartzite with an interluding soft maroon and dramatic veining. And the new shower floor’s rounded river-rock shape added greater balance to the straight lines of the bathroom’s overall aesthetic.

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