Rangeline Manor:

This young family was expecting their second child and felt it was time to find a larger space for their growing family and be closer to the helpful hands of grandparents.  The home was a well-constructed, sprawling executive estate and the family wanted to reimagine the cavernous home into an approachable, snug family space with high style and low-maintenance finishes.  

Living Room/Bar: 
The couple's travels to Portugal influenced the design in this home, and our team incorporated the traditional Portuguese curved, simple adornment into the doorframes and niches throughout. The ceiling beams in the kitchen and living space showcase another subtle nod to Portugal with a matching soft edge detail.  

The living room and adjoining wet bar offer an array of comforts, from the floor to ceiling fireplace with dry-stacked tile, durable fabrics, and easy-care finishes to provide a welcoming space for the family to gather in comfort, class and convenience.  The rounded corners of the furnishings are safe and fun for little ones to climb, while the mirrored glass and walnut touches offer a bit of sparkle and mood for a quiet night by the fireplace.

Fireplace seating area:
The fireplace seating area is situated just off the dining room and is visible from the entry, dining room, and kitchen, which made it a prime place to infuse high style and elevated finishes. Our design embraced the patina of the worn, original fireplace mantel and incorporated textured wallpaper and the sparkle of brass to create a cocooned, enveloping space.  A moody blue creates subtle shadow lines in the millwork and offers a backdrop of stately elegance to the entire space.  A large, round leather ottoman serves double-duty as a play space for small children, as well as a smart place to perch an evening cocktail.  The chairs have an elevated, curved profile with mixed fabric and brass nailheads for an extra glam touch.

As a family with young children, the homeowners wanted their bedroom to be calm, elegant, and offer multiple zones for resting and unwinding at the end of the day. The room shape was irregular, almost wedge-shaped, which made the placement of the bed difficult.  Our team situated the bed in a newly-created alcove with paneled insets to both ground the space and make sense of the room's odd shape.  Criss cross beams further center the bed and provide a base to perch the central chandelier.  

The couple's travels to Portugal have a say in this room, and our design team incorporated the curved adornment into niches to echo the newly-constructed Portuguese door frame silhouettes on the first floor. Soft, durable fabrics complete the seating area, and a chaise lounge next to the fireplace offers a quiet corner to relax.


As a couple with young children, they wanted easy to clean surfaces, warm finishes, and a spa feel in their primary bathroom.

The bathroom was an irregular shape, so our team began by situating the freestanding tub between the shower and vanity to create the center of the space. Smart features such as white oak cabinetry with pull-out organizers, integrated linen cabinets, and easy to clean large format tiles offers an easy system to keep the space tidy.  We planned for the ultimate spa features in this bathroom, such as a warming towel station, rain shower heads, steam function, side sprays and temperature controllers to offer a full sensory experience for these busy parents.  An existing adjacent sauna adds yet another space for calm.

The existing kitchen had a peninsula which bisected the large space and separated the family room from the kitchen. The original space was dark and heavy with oversized wooden ceiling beams and a variety of dark wood tones you’ll often find in executive houses from the early 2000s. As a couple with young children, these clients wanted a large island for homework & art projects, a casual eat-in area, as well as openness into the adjoining family room. 

Our team created a kitchen that embraces simplicity and light with walnut & cream cabinetry, easy-care quartz countertops, zellige tile, and storage-laden island which allows spaces for homework, cooking, food prep, and guests. The existing oversized kitchen beams received a design touch to better scale them to the size of the space and to echo the arched Portuguese door frame silhouette used elsewhere in the home. The beams were finished in a shade of cream, just a touch darker than the walls to subtly call attention to their shape. A cheerful eat-in dining space keeps the family near the pancake-flipper on a weekend morning and a patterned rug beneath hides the messes. Legacy stools with brass details provide another punch of high style and echo the brass features throughout the home. This kitchen is now the centerpiece of high style and durable finishes to last this family through the generations.

The office was formerly a living room that this couple wanted to repurpose as a luxe work from home space. The layout and scale of the room was appropriate to create a work/storage zone and a seating area in front of the fireplace. The existing fireplace had formal columns on each side and made the room feel stiff and serious, so our team recreated the columns as tapered posts as a nod to the traditional roots of the house, but with a more modern profile.  The stunner of this room is the walnut herringbone floor with a brass inset, set flush with the flooring. Designing the border cuts around the fireplace edges took extra planning, but the result is absolutely worth the extra effort. As in other areas of the home, our team walked the line of creating purposeful, Portuguese-inspired moments with jewel tones, motifs and patterns while respecting the Midwest stature of this executive suburban home. The doorframe to the office is a nod to the couple’s travels and echo the newly created doorways included elsewhere in the home. Both of the pocket doors can be conveniently closed with one hand due to the built-in pulley system and the glass offers a bit of privacy while letting the light travel through.  

The vintage stamp art mounted over the fireplace helps tell the couple’s travel stories, and an heirloom piano finds its perfect spot near the sunny window. The colorful patterns and furnishings of this room are another nod to inspired Portuguese design, and the curves of the Draper sofa are a subtle, but high-style touch to finish this glam space.   




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