The exterior was perfectly English Tudor, which is just what this couple was looking for. The interior, however, was a medley of confused styles from previous decades. These discerning homeowners wanted a distinctively Tudor kitchen with improved form and flow.  After a few tweaks, a new design solved the layout questions and brought to life elements that are worthy of a Tudor home.

“Their team has taken our ideas and helped us create something better than we could have ever imagined. Refined Renovations has redone our kitchen, master bath, guest bath, living room, entryway and dining room. We are looking forward to beginning work on our lower level next year with them!”


Ornamental details abound in this kitchen. A walnut island top, custom cabinetry, period hand-wrought iron lighting and oak floors steep the kitchen in Tudor style. Perfect replicas of knob-and-tube switches, exposed rivets and detailed masonry work thoughtfully finish the space. The framework of exposed beams offer the perfect embellishment on the ceiling.

This home has been reconnected to its noble Tudor roots.

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